Wular Lake, the livelihood source of thousands of fishermen, is situated between the towns of Bandipore and Sopore. The lake, covering an area of about 125 sq km, is rated amongst the largest fresh water lakes in Asia. The natural beauty of this lake, being located amidst snow clad hills, is undoubtedly beyond description. According to Hindu mythology, the lake is believed to be the remnants of the Satisar lake, which used to flow in the region in pre-historic times. This fresh water lake is a natural flood reservoir for Jhelum River, which drains off the excess water.

Wular Lake is a major habitat for the exotic avian life of the region. While visiting the Wullar Lake, one can watch the rich fish of the region. This lake alone provides about 60 per cent of the fish yield of the Kashmir region. Cyprinus carpio, Barbus conchonius, Gambusia affinis, Nemacheilus sp., Crossocheilus latius, Schizothorax curvifrons, etc are the dominant fish species in the Wular Lake. Around ten thousand fishermen earn their livelihood from this lake and supply good quantity of fish in the whole state.

Bandipore, close to Srinagar, is situated on the eastern bank of the lake and draws tourists to buy good quality woolen blankets. Several ornithologists visit this lake to see the migratory birds and the nearby Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. Terrestrial birds such as eared kite, sparrow hawk, short-toed eagle, Himalayan golden eagle, blue rock pigeon, cuckoo, alpine swift, Kashmir roller, Himalayan pied woodpecker, and golden oriole etc can often be seennear the lake. Wular Lake is ideal for a romantic time near the turbulent and shimmering waters.