Kargil is one of the two districts (the other being Leh) & the joint capital of Ladakh, the newly created Union Territory of India. Kargil is the second largest town in Ladakh after Leh. It is located at an altitude of 8,80 feet above sea level on the banks of the Suru River.

A tourist spending their holidays in Kargil will easily fall in love with its landscape, which has plenty of contrast. There are valleys, lakes & mountains, along with monasteries which offer lovely sightseeing opportunities.

Some of the most famous places in Kargil like Suru Valley lend it its marvellous beauty. Starting from Kargil, it stretches all the way to Penzi La watershed. Surrounded by mountains from all sides, it is a place of heavenly beauty with orchards of mulberry, apple & apricot trees dotting its landscape.

There are also historical places like Kargil War Memorial which was built by the Indian Army to commemorate the Kargil War, which occurred between India & Pakistan in 1999. The main attraction is the Sandstone Wall on which is mentioned the names of all the martyrs of the Indian Army.

Another historical sightseeing place in Kargil is Mulbekh Monastery, which actually consists of two gompas: Serdung Gompa & Rgaldan-se Gompa. The monastery is believed to have been built around 800 years back. What is fascinating is the height and location of the monastery, as it is located atop a crag at almost 656 feet.

Kargil also has something in store for those seeking adventure and adrenaline rush, as they can experience the thrill of mountaineering on the Nun Kun mountain massif which consists of two Himalayan peaks. One of them is Nun, at 23,409 feet & the other is Kun, at 23,218 feet. The best time to go mountaineering here is from July to September.

Top Attractions in Kargil

  • Dras War Memorial
  • Hunderman village. Points of Interest & Landmarks
  • Phuktal Monastery. Religious Sites
  • Mulbekh Monastery. Architectural Buildings
  • Rangdum Monastery. Speciality Museums
  • Drang-Drung Glacier
  • Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum of Central Asian and Kargil Trade Artifacts
  • Sani Monastery